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The skin

The skin of the diabetic is liable to infection , probably because the germs responsible for the infection 'like' an environment where there is high sugar, and the sweat of diabetics who are not well controlled is sweet. Similarly, because the urine, more often than not contains some suger, fungus skin infections around the genitals are common,especially in woman where some drops of sugar-laden urine may remain around the vulva after visiting the toilet. This causes itching, soreness and redness of the skin. Men may get same condition occurring on the glans penis,beneath the foreskin. Athlete's foot infection may gain a rampant hold between the toes, or fungus infections may occur beneath or around the toe or finger nails- and in all cases they should be vigorously ,continually and enthusiastically treated .Personal hygiene is even more important for diabetics- after all they have to inject themselves daily- and one or two baths or showers a day are most important to retain a healthy skin.

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