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The newly diagnosed diabetic must now start on treatment; the disorder, once it has been proven to exist, does not get better on its own, it only gets progressively worse unless treatment is given. The aim of all treatment for the diabetic is to maintain health, happiness and normal nutrition, on a regime that allows the carbohydrate metabolism to be as near normal as possible. This is achieved by means of insulin and dietary advice, or tablets and dietary guidance, or dietary advice alone but applicable to the individual, and the following objectives have to achieved.

  1. Patients have to be educated as to what diabetes is and how it affects them.
  2. They have to understand how to properly prepare and regulate their food intake.
  3. They have to learn to test their own urine (and sometimes their blood) for sugar and/or ketones.
  4. They have to learn to administer insulin by injection by themselves or to take their tablets regularly.
  5. They have to recognize the complications of the disorder and how to deal with them.


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