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The nerves

The nervous system suffers, too, again probably as a result of the impairment of blood circulation in the impairment of blood circulation in the tiny blood vessels that feed the nerves; these can became blocked in parts or hardened due to their thicker walls. Reduced nerve sensitivity may reduce the ability to feel vibrations, impair fine feeling a little and ability to feel vibrations,impair fine feeling a little and , sometimes, especially in the elderly , affect the skin's perception of hot and cold. Elderly diabetics who smoke (and who definitely should not, for it aggravates all these complications) often have severely stained and sometimes burned fingers from the cigarettes; they often express surprise when attention is drawn to these burns as they did not feel them when they occurred. Because of nerve sensation impairment,intense,on -and-off pains due to neuralgia and attacks of 'pins and needles' in the legs, feet,arms or hands are not uncommon, the best relief is always obtained from warmth( which widens the blood vessels to allow them to deliver more blood),and woolly stockings,mittens,gloves and thermal 'long -john' underwear offers this. Do not warm up an older diabetic person's legs with a hot water bottle; remember. They may have impaired heat sensation and impaired circulation,and it may burn them. Do it with an electric blanket on the bed,or a rug tucked round them when sitting.

In the mature diabetic man,impotence can also occur as a result of nerve damage, preventing the achievement of ejaculation and in some with badly affected arteries, the achievement of an erection. This irreversible condition does not by any means affect all diabetic men , but awareness of the possibility of it should help those who plan to have families to have them earlier in their lives.


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