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Virus Infections

Virus infections have been blamed as a cause of diabetes and considerable research is taking place today into this aspect of the disorder. It has long been recognized that the first signs or developing diabetes frequently come after some virus infections even quite a trivial one such as a cold. It is known that virus infections place a strain on the body and makes controlling diabetes in the diagnosed patient more difficult but do they actually cause the disorder itself? The answer is not yet known. Certainly diabetes is not infectious; it does not spread through families or populations at any rate higher than that predicted by the genetics of inheritance. The possibility that there are individuals who can quickly develop antibodies (proteins produced by white blood cells which destroy disease-making agents) against a diabetic-causing virus, and others who cannot and therefore get the disease, is currently exercising the minds of scientists throughout the world of medical research, but no clear evidence has yet emerged to support the theory. At present it would seem that the strain of an illness imposed on the body provokes diabetes in those who were unknowingly diabetes-prone anyway, and that it would only have been a matter of time before the condition became frankly obvious.

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