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What can be done with regard to prevention of diabetes even occurring? The answer is very little, but certainly if obesity was reduced in the population as a whole , fewer older and mature patients would develop it. During Would War II in the United Kingdom , when the rationing of foodstuffs was compulsory for nearly six years , the incidence of diabetes fell. Obviously restriction on sugar and carbohydrates were responsible. it is important to realize though,that excessive weigh and overloading of the body along with internationally deplorably high intake of the developed world's population indulge in are not themselves the cause of diabetes; they just bring it out in the latent or prone person who has inherited the genetic tendency to diabetes from the family's background.

For diabetics , like the young patient in whom it arrives like a bolt from the blue seemingly to turn their lives upside down and leave them permanently dependent on the daily jab,there are , however , some conclusions. Firstly, be reassured that what seems a fearful routine at first gradually becomes a habit, with perhaps little more then nuisance value in its ritual demands. Secondly, just because a life has a modest discipline or habit imposed on it, there are really no restrictions on what can be done or undertaken .Diabetics have rowed the Atlantic, competed in the Olympics, became world leaders in politics (such as Khrushchev,Tito and Mao tsetung) ,medicine and the creative arts(H.G Wells was one ), and made their personal fortunes through their endeavours , handicapped by their need for dietary care and medication .

A great deal of help is available for parents and children through Diabetic Associations (most developed countries have one ) who, among all their other activities, organize and run camps and holidays for diabetic children. Through these the children learn from the experience of others , and gain a renewed sense of self- confidence and independence. Furthermore, as hope for all, research is continual -one day there may well be an insulin is that can betaken by mouth, or even another kind of treatment that controls the problem in another way. Transplants of the pancreas have been tried but so far with little success; on the other hand , year ago,who would have thought that heart transplant would succeed? Medical science is one of corner may be the simple and perhaps permanent cure.


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